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DAKK Liners helps provide a wide range of innovative containment solutions for bulk liquid storage tanks for agricultural retailers throughout the United States.

Tank Liners

Our industrial chemical tank liners are available for a wide range of tank shapes and sizes, including metal and fiberglass. We utilize durable tank lining products that help prevent leaks and corrosion. Not only will our industrial liners protect your tanks, but they will also ensure that the environment is protected.

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Containment Solutions

Secondary metal containment systems prevent spills from contaminating the soil and eliminates costly cleanups. Our containment systems meet and exceed EPA standards. They can be installed by the customer or by the DAKK team. More panels can easily be added on for future projects.

Potable Water

We offer potable water materials that meet NSF 61 standards that not only secure the containment, but also provide years of durability. Our water tank liners provide a cost-effective solution for repairing older water tanks, whether you have a small tank, or industrial sized tank, we can provide the services from start to finish.

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Wetland Conservation

DAKK Liners offers liner solutions world-wide that help to restore and preserve wetlands and other natural habitats where endangered species often need care and protection.

Our fish grade PVC material lasts for years and is safe for all aquatic life.

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